Vote for Dane Dems-endorsed candidates

April 5 offers Democrats the opportunity to choose a presidential candidate, remake the state Supreme Court, and to build on our progressive County Board majority and make important gains in municipal and school board elections as well.

The county party is not taking sides in the presidential race, as we have two excellent candidates inHillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

In the Supreme Court race, one candidate is accepting partisan support, but she is an inexperienced, scandal-ridden Walker appointee. The other candidate, JoAnne Kloppenburg, a former Peace Corps volunteer with decades of legal and judicial experience, has not asked for any partisan support. So we are not endorsing in this race but are passing along this information for your consideration.

In local races, please vote for the Dane Dems-endorsed candidates below. Note that dual endorsements indicate that the Campaigns Committee and membership decided that both candidates were solid, progressive Democrats. (Unopposed candidates are shown in italics.)

County Board

District 1: Rob Dz Franklin and Mary Kolar (dual)

District 2: Heidi Wegleitner

District 3: Nick Zweifel

District 4: Richard Kilmer

District 5: Angelito Tenorio and Hayley Young (dual)

District 6: John Hendrick

District 7: Matt Veldran

District 8: Carousel Bayrd

District 9: Paul Nelson

District 10: Jeremy Levin

District 11: Al Matano

District 12: Paul Rusk

District 13: Chuck Erickson

District 14: George Gillis

District 16: Dave de Felice

District 17: Jeff Pertl

District 18: Michele Ritt

District 21: Andrew Schauer

District 22: Maureen McCorville

District 23: Shelia Stubbs

District 24: Robin Schmidt

District 25: Tim Kiefer

District 26: Sharon Corrigan

District 27: Dorothy Krause

District 28: Nikki Jones

District 30: Pat Downing

District 33: Jenni Dye

District 34: Patrick Miles

District 35: Carl Chenowith

District 36: Danielle Williams


Madison School Board

Seat 3: Dean Loumos


Marshall School Board

Jon Bunch


Shorewood Hills Village Board

John Imes


Stoughton City Council

District 2: Kathleen Tass Johnson


Sun Prairie City Council

District 1: Steve Stocker

District 3: Maureen Crombie

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