The Fight Continues!

As I’ve been trying to make sense of the results of June 5th, I keep thinking about how proud I am of the fight we fought over the 16 months since February of last year. Many of you have joined your county party and you helped us with a massive campaign effort. We were able to staff more offices and contact more voters than in most fall elections. And we were one of the few counties that were able to increase our voter turnout over Fall 2010 and our margin over our opponents. Combined with an incredibly successful spring election season, we have many  reasons to hold our heads high.

What we should take away from June’s election is that the need to continue the fight is more vital than ever. Whether we won or lost, the need to defend our values and fight to put Dane County families first ahead of out-of-state interests would still be necessary. If we want to make  more history this year by sending Tammy Baldwin to the US Senate, re-electing Barack Obama and Joe Biden, keeping our majority in the State Senate and taking back the State Assembly, we need you to stay fighting with us!

The first way you can do this is to renew your membership in the Democratic Party. You can renew online through the State Party.  Or, you can print out this form and send it in to Democratic Party of Dane County, P.O. Box 2082, Madison, WI 53701 – or bring it to the Summer Picnic on the 21st.

Your membership renewal will give us the resources to continue fighting this fall and to make history. Please join us!

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July/August Newsletter Online

The July/August newsletter just went to the printer. Look for it in your mailbox soon!

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Make History Today, Then Celebrate!

After a year and a half of fighting for our rights, Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch and four State Senators are being held accountable for where they've led Wisconsin. Election Day is upon us and today we get to make history!

The polls will be open from 7AM to 8PM. You do not need an ID to vote. In addition to voting for Tom Barrett for Governor and Mahlon Mitchell for Lieutenant Governor (as well as Lori Compas for State Senate if you live in Albion, Cambridge, Christiana, Deerfield and Rockdale), please do what you can to convince and get as many people to vote today. The polls have this race incredibly close and every extra vote you can get will help us win today!

You can go to to find out where people vote. Remember, since there has been a redistricting, the polling locations for some people have changed. Check first before sending people to the polls.

We know the Republicans are bringing in out-of-state organizations to perform their usual dirty tricks today. If you see anything out of the ordinary where you vote, call the Wisconsin Voter Protection Hotline at 800-311-VOTE.

On behalf of the Democratic Party, I'd like to thank the many of you who decided not to just observe history, but worked incredibly hard to make it. And I'd like to invite everybody to help us celebrate our victory as we watch the results come in at the Essen Haus at 514 East Wilson Street starting at 8PM. There is free wifi, so please bring a laptop to help us track the results.

I look forward to a great day and night. Let's do this!

To victory,


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Forward to Victory!

Tom Barrett speaking to Democrats

In February of last year, Scott Walker and his friends in the State Capitol started ramming through an extremist agenda unlike we've ever seen. Within months they changed Wisconsin's government to a point where we no longer can recognize it. They were counting on us to be dispirited from the 2010 elections and let them get away with this. We proved them wrong in the streets of Madison - bringing an outpouring of people that made history.

They were counting on us to forget it and not collect enough signatures during the winter holiday. We proved them wrong again in every city, village and town in Wisconsin by collecting over a million signatures against Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch and four State Senators.

They are counting on you to have recall fatigue and to not do any more to take back Wisconsin. We have to prove them wrong one more time!

We only have two weeks to go before the Recall Election. I am asking every one of you to do what you can to help make Tom Barrett and Mahlon Mitchell our next Governor and Lieutenant Governor and help elect Lori Compas to the State Senate to represent Eastern Dane County. Here is a list of activities and events where youare needed:

- If you have any time to spare, please sign up with the Democratic Party to canvass and phone bank. We need people to make the important voter-to-voter contacts to remind them to vote from now until the polls close on June 5th. This is where the real work needs to happen in order to win. Scott Walker has more than enough Koch Brothers' money. We have to beat them with more people! Sign up here -

- If you wish to do the same work for Lori Compas, sign up at

- Next Wednesday (May 30th), from 5:30 to 7:00PM, join Russ Feingold at the Majestic Theatre (115 King Street) for a Rally /Fundraiser for Tom Barrett.

- If you're too busy volunteering to go to fundraisers, you can contribute online to Tom Barrett, Mahlon Mitchell and Lori Compas.

- And if you are interested in signs, you may get them from the 210 North Bassett Street Recall Office. A $10 contribution or volunteer time will get you one.

Whatever you can do and however you can do it, we need you now. This is the moment we dreamed about in the snow in 2011. This is our moment. Let's take back Wisconsin and make history.

Forward, towards victory!

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Watch the Dane Dems Gubernatorial Candidate forum!

If you weren't able to make it to our Candidate Forum, or if you couldn't get in the room because of the overflowing crowd, Wisconsin Eye has posted the video of the forum, as well as Lieutenant Governor candidate Mahlon Mitchell's speeech. 




Recall Scott Walker Now

Wisconsin can't wait.

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