Convention time: Participate in the governance of your party

UPDATE (4/5/17): We have 320 requests for delegate credentials to the 2nd CD Convention, which is likely an all-time record. But our cap is 329, so everyone who requested to be a delegate and is a paid-up party member by Sunday will be able to attend and vote. We will likely exceed the cap for the state convention, however, which will trigger a lottery for delegates and alternates. Those who attend the 2nd CD Convention as delegates will automatically become delegates to the state convention and will avoid the lottery. Note that 2nd CD no-shows will not receive automatic status. 

UPDATE (4/4/17): The deadline for requesting delegate credentials to the 2nd CD Convention has now passed. As of April 4, the state party was checking our delegate list for membership status; all delegates must be paid party members by April 9. We will e-mail delegate applicants whose memberships are not current ASAP. Applications for delegate credentials to the state convention are still being accepted.


Dane Dems members can participate in the governance of the party by attending upcoming conventions at the congressional district and state levels.

  • The 2nd Congressional District Convention, to be held April 23 in Verona, will elect new officers, two of whom serve on the state party's governing administrative committee. In addition it will take up resolutions that will be considered at the state level and can ultimately affect the state Democratic platform. Attendees will also hear from Rep. Mark Pocan and other important speakers. 
  • The State Convention, to be held June 2-3 in Middleton, will elect a party chair and other officers, as well as a new representative to the Democratic National Committee. It will also vote on resolutions and will feature caucus meetings, networking opportunities and many interesting speakers.

To attend these conventions you must have a current party membership and pay registration fees at the links above or at the door. (Advance registration is cheaper.) You must also be listed as a delegate by the county party. To be so listed, please fill out the form at this link. Deadline for requesting delegate credentials to the district convention is April 3. Deadline to request credentials for the state convention is May 6.* 

Dane County is capped at 329 delegates to each convention. That sounds like a lot, but two years ago we were over the limit for the State Convention, so some people became non-voting alternates, though they were all eventually elevated to voting status due to no-shows. 

We have not exceeded the cap at district conventions in the past, but if we do then we will hold a lottery for delegate slots and make others alternates. Anyone who attends the 2nd CD Convention as a delegate will automatically qualify as a state delegate. 

Those who wish to attend the State Convention but do not attend the 2nd CD Convention will be able to fill delegate slots that remain. Again, if we exceed the cap we will hold a lottery to assign delegate and alternate slots. 

It is possible to attend the conventions without voting privileges. If you wish to do that, you do not need to fill out the form to become a delegate. 

For more information on the conventions, including instructions on how to run for officer positions or submit resolutions, go to the 2nd CD party or the state party websites.


*You may receive communications from the state party that allow you to request state convention delegate credentials through the DPW. The state party will share those names with the county party, where you will be placed on the list along with those who fill out our form. In the event that we exceed our attendance cap, neither method of requesting credentials provides an advantage. Note that if you wish to attend the 2nd CD convention as a delegate, you MUST fill out our form; the DPW is only collecting names for the state convention. 

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