May 6 is deadline for requesting state convention credentials

The June 2-3 state convention will be conveniently located in Middleton, and will include important votes on state party chair and DNC representative. Please consider attending.

Anyone can go and observe. To receive voting privileges as a Dane County delegate, you must request credentials by May 6. You can do that at this link. You will also need to pay a registration fee, which you can do at the door, or you can do a lower cost in advance at this link. Finally, you must be a paid-up member of the party by May 12. If you are unsure about your membership, please contact McKinley Kant at (608) 807-0610 or

Program info on the convention is here.

Dane County gets 329 delegates to the convention. It appears we will get more requests for credentials than that. If so, everyone who attended the April 23 2nd District Convention as a delegate will automatically be a delegate to the state convention. For the roughly 150 additional delegate slots, we will hold a lottery to assign delegates and alternates. Note that if you end up as an alternate, this is not final. During the convention we will count no-shows and elevate that many alternates to delegate. In the past everyone who has wanted to be a delegate has been able to, though there is no guarantee of that.

Finally, we need several dozen more volunteers to help run the convention. If you are able, please fill out this form.

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