Resolutions Committee Rules

Although slightly out of date, for more information see Dennis Coyier's Resolutions Committee Homepage

Submission of Resolutions to the P& R Committee by Congressional District Delegates on behalf of their CDs (And Additional Considerations for Floor Resolutions)


The resolution may be on any topic the author wishes.

Provide a title or topic indicating what the resolution is about.

Indicate what Congressional District the resolution is being submitted on behalf of.

Provide a word count of all the words in the resolution (titles, the CD name, the number designating the total number of words, and any numbering of lines are NOT counted in the total number of words. "Whereas" and "THEREFORE, RESOLVED, the DPW" ARE included in the total word count.)

The total number of words in the resolution must NOT exceed 100.

The wording of the resolutions must conform to the following:

Start the resolution with "Whereas,." and provide reasoning for the resolution.

If you have additional reasons, include additional "Whereas,." clauses.

Wrap up the resolution with "THEREFORE, RESOLVED, the DPW . (advocates, urges, demands, recommends etc.) and then finish with what it is you want the DPW to do or support, etc.

The document should be line numbered for easy identification of which line a commenter is referring to in the Resolution.

The resolutions are normally drafted by individuals or committees on the County level, discussed, reviewed, debated or redrafted by individuals within the County and then presented to the County Party membership for a vote to endorse them for presentation to the Congressional District Convention, held once every year. In order to vote on the resolutions, individuals need to be currently paid Democratic Party members. (Their dues must be paid prior to the publicly announced start of the meeting at which voting occurs.)

The voting for the resolutions on the County level, must take place prior to the Congressional District Conventions, far enough in advance so that they can be submitted to the Congressional District Party Chairman at least ten days in advance of the CD Convention.

Resolutions must be identified as to what Resolution Classification they fall under (see past Resolutions for Classifications), numbered, titled, marked to indicate which County they are being submitted by, with a total word count, (in that order) and in the hands of the CD Chair at least 10 days prior to the Congressional District Convention, so that enough copies can be made by CD officials to be handed out in a uniform, organized packet, to the CD delegates for voting. Some CDs expect that the resolutions are read by the delegates prior to the session on resolutions, if that is the case in your CD, we strongly suggest that the packets of all the resolutions are provided to each delegate before the CD Convention starts.

Only the top 10 vote receiving resolutions from each County are allowed to be submitted to the Congressional District delegates (who need to be verified by a credentials committee, as paid members of the Democratic Party to be entitled to vote) for consideration for further advancement to the State Convention.

Only the top 10 vote receiving resolutions from each CD are allowed to be submitted to the Platform and Resolutions Committee for review, editing and consolidation with similar Resolutions from other CDs, or with past Resolutions that are currently "on the books" (adopted resolutions from past State Conventions that have not expired - we currently have a sunset clause that takes resolutions "off the books" after four years. Resolutions which are still important, current and endorsed by the membership can be re- affirmed by the current P&R Committee or delegates at the State Convention to prevent the resolution from sun-setting, and extend it for an additional four years.)

We currently have 8 Congressional Districts (CDs) whose boundaries are determined after each census to make sure that there is one member of the House of Representatives for an equal number of citizens within each CD. (We had 9 CDs in 2000). Therefore, there are now a maximum of 80 resolutions that are reviewed by the Platform and Resolutions Committee, under normal circumstances, to present to the delegates at the Annual State Democratic Party Convention. Similar resolutions may be combined together and edited to reflect the intent of each of the contributing CDs, and the contributing CDs indicated in the resolution heading, so the total number of Resolutions you see at the State Convention will likely be reduced from the original number submitted.

Platform and Resolutions Committee members representing the different CDs are responsible for making sure that the Resolutions passed at their CD Conventions are submitted to the Platform and Resolutions Committee Chair and Secretary at least a week and a half (preferably two or three weeks), prior to the Platform and Resolutions Committee meeting to review, condense and edit the Resolutions.

All submissions should be done VIA EMAIL, because of speed of transmission and quick verification of receipt or non-receipt, and if the files are damaged or garbled, requests can be made for a re- submission.

The resolutions should be uniform, of the same font throughout, without any special or fancy formatting, justification, bulleting, or spacing, etc. and be submitted as PLAIN TEXT in the body of an email (NOT AS AN ATTACHMENT), when submitted to the Platform and Resolutions committee delegates or officers. Don't worry about fonts, or spacing or bulleting etc.., we have to standardize all that formatting on this side.

Any fancy formatting or special effects etc.. from multiple different types of software and different versions of the same software, just leads to problems with putting the final copies together.

The above rules for submission also apply to people submitting floor resolutions to be included in the Resolutions packet distributed by the Platform and Resolutions Committee, except that they are allowed to present their Floor Resolutions after the Platform and Resolutions Committee meeting, but NO LATER THAN three weeks prior to the State Convention, in order to be included in the packet.

Floor Resolutions submitted at the Convention must be presented at least three hours prior to the scheduled Platform and Resolutions Session with 50 copies to be distributed to the delegates, and you must supply a digital file of that resolution following the same requirements as outlined above. These resolutions, printed copies and the digital file have to be submitted to the Chair of the Platform and Resolutions Committee.

Those individuals interested in submitting Resolutions should check with their Platform and Resolutions Committee Delegates from their respective CDs and upon approval by the Congressional District vote, submit the top 10 vote receiving resolutions to those Delegates so they can, in turn, submit them to Platform and Resolutions Committee officers, and state party headquarters. The DPW Constitutional bylaw relating to Resolutions REQUIRES that "the Congressional District Convention shall consider ALL resolutions submitted and shall adopt and forward no more than ten (10) to the Platform and Resolutions Committee in care of state headquarters NO LATER than two (2) days after the last Congressional District Convention."

Those resolutions making the cut and completing final editing at the Platform and Resolutions Committee level, will be organized according to classification, included in a Resolutions packet to be provided to delegates at the State Convention, and voted on by a meeting of the delegates who have been verified as voting delegates and current dues paying Democratic Party members by the Credentials Committee at the State Convention.

Resolutions will be voted on by a gathering of the delegates during the Platform and Resolutions portion of the State Convention. Resolutions are presented as a block to approve all those which do not meet with opposition. Those which are opposed, are separated out from the Resolutions as a whole and are presented individually, in order, by category, to the delegation, where discussion, debate and possible editing will be considered. Once discussion, debate and editing are concluded, voting will take place by yea or nay. Once the Resolutions having passed through the County, CD and Platform and Resolutions Committee have been voted on at the State level, Resolutions from the Floor will be entertained.

Any resolutions not making the "cut" at the County level or CD level; whether being offered by individuals or delegates, (if anyone determines that particular resolutions of importance have not been included in the resolutions approved by the CDs, or edited by the Platform and Resolutions Committee), may be submitted as a floor resolution to the entire delegation at the State Convention, but must be properly formatted and line numbered at the left hand column, and all other requirements as those which have gone through approval at the County and CD level, except that these floor resolutions have not been approved at the County or CD level.

The latest Constitutional bylaws pertaining to Resolutions, which have been approved by the Administrative Committee in January 2006, requires that all Floor Resolutions, "except in exceptional cases".. "shall address relevant timely issues and shall not have been considered and missed the 10 resolutions forwarded by the Congressional District convention..These Resolutions must be presented to the Chairperson of the Platform and Resolutions committee a minimum of three hours prior to the start of the floor debate on resolutions at any session of the convention. The Platform and Resolutions Committee shall meet a minimum of two hours before the convention convenes to review all proposed floor resolutions. They shall reject those that do not meet the above criteria. They may make a recommendation for approval or rejection of floor resolutions."

A minimum of 50 copies must be made available and distributed, in advance, for the delegates to review.

If the floor resolution is presented to the Platform and Resolutions Committee, properly drafted and meeting the minimum requirements as outlined above, at least three weeks prior to the State Convention, all reasonable efforts will be made to make sure that they are included in the Resolutions packet containing all of the other Resolutions, handed out to the delegates from the Platform and Resolutions Committee. If your floor resolution is included in the Resolutions packet, the minimum requirement of 50 copies for the delegates will have been met.

I say all reasonable efforts will be made, because whether or not they will be included, will be determined by how many floor resolutions are submitted, and how much work will be required to include them in the Resolutions packet in time to make it to the printer on time.

Once a floor resolution has been determined as having met the requirements and proper format, they will be presented to the delegation as a whole, where discussion, debate and possible editing will be considered.

The floor resolution will then be voted on for a yea or nay vote to adopt.

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