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Good morning. Today is Election Day!

With your help, we can make history today. Here is how you can be a part of it:

1) If you haven't already, vote. Polls are open from 7AM to 8PM. Go to to find out your polling location. 

As you vote, please keep in mind the Democratic Party candidates for office:

President and Vice President - Barack Obama and Joe Biden
United States Senate - Tammy Baldwin
U.S. House of Representatives - Mark Pocan

Wisconsin State Senate: District 14 - Margarete Worthington, District 16 - Mark Miller, District 26 - Fred Risser

Wisconsin State Assembly: District 37 - Mary Arnold, District 42 - Paula Cooper, District 43 - Andy Jorgensen, District 46 - Gary Hebl, District 47 - Robb Kahl, District 48 - Melissa Sargent, District 76 - Chris Taylor, District 77 - Terese Berceau, District 78 - Brett Hulsey, District 79 - Dianne Hesselbein, District 80 - Sondy Pope-Roberts, District 81 - Fred Clark

Dane County: District Attorney - Ismael Ozanne, County Clerk - Scott McDonell, Treasurer - Adam Gallagher, Register of Deeds - Kristi Chlebowski

2) Take whatever time you have today and get out the vote. You can check in at!/ to find a staging location. All of them are setting up now and will be open until the polls close. Find a location and go there to help contact voters so that they get to the polls. This is important!

3) Once the polls are closed, join us and celebrate! The Democratic Party's Election Night celebration will be at Monona Terrace. Doors open at 8:05PM. Join us as we watch the results and celebrate our victories!

On behalf of the Dane Dems and all the candidates we support, I want to thank you for the hard work, sacrifice and contributions you've made to get us victory today. I couldn't be more grateful.

See you on the streets today and see you at Monona Terrace tonight. Forward, to victory!

Michael Basford, Dane Dems Chair 

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