While we were meeting...

While we met Tuesday night, Dems in Oklahoma flipped two GOP legislative seats in special election. That's part of a trend: Since Trump's inauguration there have been 23 special legislative elections. Dems have held all six of their seats, while they have flipped four of 17 -- 24 percent -- of GOP seats. A ray of hope in a difficult time.

One other hopeful sign is the GOP's difficulty in undercutting Obamacare, despite running on that issue for seven years. Attendees at Tuesdsay's meeting all called Ron Johnson's office to tell them they opposed the Senate bill. Please do the same. The phone numbers are in the post below.

Thanks to our presenters and everyone who was able to attend the meeting. For those who couldn't make it, here are the presentations:

Dane Dems Roadmap to 2018
Indivisible Madison
DPW Off-Year Field Program

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